Thursday, June 14, 2007


At least, that's what I'd like to be doing. Keeping up this pace is exhausting, and still I'm behind. Sheesh. Next month: 15K only.

At any rate, I've barely blogged or posted on the forum because I've been working, writing, or too tired to think. Usually some combination thereof. Hopefully I'll get caught up soon and back to only needing 750 words a night and I can squeeze a few other things in there.

I didn't quite reach my (ambitious) goal for the night of 37K, due in no small part to only getting 500-600 words the two nights previous. Also because I was reading/participating the "House Party" thread in the Exercises folder. Much hilarity!

Still, I clocked in at 36.5K tonight. Not too shabby. Now I'm going to bed. DH picked me up some caffeine pills at Wally World; that should help immensely starting tomorrow. I just hope they're not habit-forming... *w*

Can I make 40K by Friday night (at this point I'd be happy with sometime on Saturday)? Only time will tell.

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