Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pushing onward

The June "month-long marathon" continued again tonight, the second night of me actually writing. I'm shooting for at least 1000 words a night until I get caught up to my goal (after my initial slacking) or even a little ahead. Then as long as I average 700-750 words I should be able to make 50K total by the end of the month.

I flagged a bit after the first hour or so, as my caffeine buzz from the two 20-ounce glasses of Diet Coke I had with dinner began to wear off. But I pushed on and did ultimately make it.

Final word count for the evening: 1174, baby!

I had meant to finish the scene I started last night, where Elspeth meets Alec's aunt at a ceilidh and learns the lullabye. But tonight I flashed forward to Elspeth singing the lullabye to Colin, and being affected by the sad lyrics. It should actually fit nicely as the tie-in to the "reunion" scene I have already written a large part of.

Oh, and I also came across an unofficial fansite for Martin Henderson. They have quite an extensive image gallery. I've been through a fair bit of it, and it's funny - about half (or even a little more) of the pictures look nothing like Alec. But there are quite a few that do - startlingly so. I've saved a few of them to my flash drive for reference.

For your viewing enjoyment, here's one more:


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