Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June X

Alas, no new wordage for tonight. We got home late and ate after I put Little Boy to bed, which made both also later than usual. By 10 pm I was at the computer and before I could start writing I saw the June X posted on the Compuserve Forum.

I chose to do that instead. Right now, I've only made it through the first POV-rewrite (into First Person) and wow - that took a lot out of me. Actually 980 words from a 500-word scene, and the majority of those are new. So in a way I kinda did get my ~1000 new words tonight. Won't advance my progress meter, but it will advance the depth of my story. Alec surprised me. I heard him quite clearly several times. I guess we will see what Jo, that master of deep POV, has to say about it.

Now I have to decide whether to press on and finish the X tonight (thus sacrificing sleep yet again - I won't be able to continue this indefinitely) or pack it up and call it a wrap. Finding time to finish this tomorrow will be difficult - work has been crazy busy.

But I should not work on it tomorrow evening - to stay on track I need to be at 35K by the end of the 7th and that means 1500 new words for the next two nights. So, hmmm.

Well, I guess my likelihood of managing 1500 words 2 nights in a row diminishes proportionately the less sleep I get. Work owes me a nice long lunch hour anyway.

Oidche mhath.

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