Sunday, June 10, 2007


I can function pretty decently on 5-6 hours of sleep a night, but only for a limited amount of time. By Thursday - after about a week of late nights writing followed by early mornings and long, busy days at work - I was reaching the end of my tether, and by my appointed writing time (after the baby is in bed and other stuff sorted, usually around 9 pm) I could tell that the reserves for creativity weren't there. So I decided to catch up on some posts on the Forum, and get an early night so I would awake refreshed on Friday and ready to write again.

Not so much.

I didn't get in bed until after 11, and with my 6:30 wake up time that didn't quite translate to the full 8-9 hours I really needed. And then - THEN - the baby decided to wake up screaming some time around 5 am and refused to go back to sleep. I did my time for the whole first year of his life while I was nursing him, so DH drew the short straw on that one. Nevertheless, I could still hear the baby crying through the wall/closed door and never did get back to sleep. By the time my alarm went off I was ready to chuck it, so I gave up and went to the baby. He was gnawing on his hands (possibly cutting molars) and had gotten shots on Tuesday, so I gave him teething tabs and a dose of infant Tylenol and rocked him for a bit until he settled down. He seemed content to toddle around while I got dressed and ready for work.

Needless to say, I was a zombie all day Friday and knew long before evening that writing was out. So we rented and watched Torque with my man Martin Henderson and went to bed early. DH, bless him, got the baby up and downstairs this morning without waking me up, so I got a good 10 hours of sleep, and felt much refreshed.

Torque was...okay. Basically the guys who did The Fast and the Furious said "hey, we did it with cars - lets try motorcycles this time!" But Martin's hair is longer and he's scruffier in this one, plus he plays an honorable guy trying to outrun the bad guys and win back his girl's heart. So I got a lot of good "Alec" flashes. In that case it was worth my while.

But my mini-goal of 35K by the 7th/8th had been well and truly shot.

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