Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to the Grind

(The day job, that is.)
After my long weekend I am rested and relaxed, though I wish I had MLK day off, too.  I indulged in some long-awaited retail therapy and boy, did I pick a good weekend to reward myself for finishing a novel - every store was having a huge sale.  I revamped my work wardrobe and got some nice casual stuff too (I needed new jeans).  All in all I got over $700 retail worth of clothes and accessories for $300 in gift cards and about $22 cash.  Bonus!
I also managed to get the chaos that was my not-so-walk-in closet finally cleaned out and organized and it is once again possible to "walk in" it.  Hehe.  Following my current rule that for every new piece of clothing I buy or accept as a gift, I have to remove one piece (I have way too many clothes) DH and I both ended up with 3 big bags - 6 total - of clothes for Goodwill.
Now I'm back at the office and it's time to catch up on some delayed work projects. 


Precie said...

Sounds like quite a good reward to yourself!

I keep trying that "one in/one out" rule for clothes, toys, etc, but never seem to keep it up. I hope you do!

And...shameless blog friend Church Lady will be hosting an online party for Evil Editor later this week to celebrate Novel Deviations 3. (Can you believe he's up to a 3rd volume?) If you are so inclined, check out the festivities and/or link to them yourself!

booklady said...

Wow! That's some amazing shopping! Good work. And it sounds like it was well-deserved, after both finishing your novel (yay!) and making more closet space.