Friday, January 11, 2008

Scottish Fantasies

No, that is NOT the new title for my book. *w*

It's this CD I just got:

Scottish Fantasies for Violin and Orchestra

A piece from this came on the radio in our office about a week ago, and my boss turned it up for me. I really liked the music, especially since I've been looking for a Scottish "soundtrack" to write to that didn't involve bagpipes. *g* Turns out he knows the violinist. I ordered the CD that day, and it came in today.

The music is beautiful. It puts me "there" and there's also an extra connection with Alec since he plays the fiddle/violin.

Now back to work. I'm trying to wade out of the end-of-week morass at my day job, and I've got bunco tonight. Over 1800 words written so far, and moving well along through chapter 23. Hopefully I'll continue that momentum tonight when I get home (whenever that is).

P.S. Take a close look at the backdrop on the cover of the CD. Recognize that castle? (If not, look up. And to the right on the sidebar.) *g* It's all over the CD case - there are two or three shots of it. A sign?

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NBB said...

It's nice to have music playing that gets you along while writing. :)

I usually listen to the LotR, Harry Potter or Pirates otC soundtracks.