Thursday, January 10, 2008

Liquid Story Binder XE

After seeing the posts on CompuServe about Scrivener, I was insanely jealous. *Almost* enough to switch to a Mac. (Something DH and I have discussed, but we both have laptops and a joint desktop so we don't need another computer right now and it's low on the list of priorities. We'll get one at some point. As my Mac-user brother says, we should raise Little Boy "bilingual", hehe.)

Anyway, I've been googling around looking for a Windows equivalent. And I think I've found something pretty close in this program:

Liquid Story Binder XE

Like Scrivener, you can organize multiple files and associations, have pictures and notes available with texts, work with individual chapters and have the program combine them into a master document for you...there are a lot of options. Timelines, outlines, dossiers, even tracks project goals and opens where you left off. At the very least this would replace my spreadsheet. There's a full-screen editor and I like that it has the tools I need - text formatting (italics, bold, etc.) and none of the stuff I don't.

I'm futzing around with it right now and so far I like what I see (except the default white-on-black text display which took a bit of jiggling to change). But I'm way behind on my WIP progress, and the clock is ticking. I absolutely *must* be done writing by Monday night. And I'm getting ready to do some (okay, quite a lot) more "hacky, slashy, poky-poky" as I move into Act IV.

One nifty thing - you can load it on a memory card or USB data stick and take not only your files but the software with you and use it on whatever computer you're on.

Also like Scrivener, you get a free 30-day trial and then the cost is reasonable, about $45.

I have a feeling I'll be plunking that down in 30 days...


NBB said...

Here's another one:

The features:

Check out the Screenshots here:

Is Liquid available in German? Although I speak good English, that would make things easier...

Perhaps I shall test Ulysses and we compare our experiences and I can decide afterwards which would suit me better. If Liquid is much better, I'd be willing to go with the English version (if is allows German language, like you can choose the language in Word)

Jenny said...

Well, there is this linked from the Black Obelisk site:

I'll look into Ulysses, too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, I just wanted to let you know that the Liquid Story Binder developer is going to be offering his software at quite a substantial discount (66% off) tomorrow only:

Just a heads up for you and your readership :-)


Rick said...

Hey Jenny!

I don't mean to rub it in to you and/or your readers but I was fortunate enough to download a full version of LSBXE free of charge (and legal) at

This was back in October of 07. The site does tend to repeat its offers so it would be worthwhile to bookmark the home site and check daily as the freebies are good for only the day they're posted!

As for LSBXE all I can say is "WOW". It is overwhelming at first, but if you pick and choose your way you will find what features suit you the most and learn as you go!

Rick said...

Just a quick note...guess what is being given away today on!?!? :)

For today (7/18/08)only you can get the latest version of Liquid Story Binder XE FREE!

Hope you see this in time!