Friday, January 18, 2008

Bracing myself

Well, Wednesday was good and not-so-good.  Having had a decent night's sleep for a change, I was very energetic.  *g*  At that point, the excitement over finishing the book really hit, and I got a little giddy.  Unfortunately, I had about 2-3 days' worth of work to do, and only one day to do it in since I was taking the long weekend.  I ended up not leaving my office until after midnight.  Bleh.

Then, as most of you know, I got braces yesterday.  For all the gory details, you can go here.

After that I went to the spa.  Man, that was awesome.  I'm talking fluffy-robe-with-chocolate awesome.  I had an hour-long custom facial, then a 20-minute "hydrotherapy" (it was basically the natural child of a bathtub and a jacuzzi), followed by a one hour massage.  I think I slept through part of the massage, hehe.  Forgot I had braces, though.  *w*

Today's been good.  Slept 10 hours last night - that's twice my recent average.  I've had hardly any pain from the braces, really, and I finally got all the Christmas stuff put away (!) as well as some laundry and general cleaning.  It's a good feeling, this getting things done...

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