Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Writing Diet

Well, it hasn't worked for me (I tend to munch while BIC) but MAN!  What if?
We'd all be supermodels...


NBB said...

The problem is that she's talking about frustration-eating and you replace that with writing (about your anger, worries etc. as she mentiones)

She says nothing about novel writing. Where you sit on your butt on end, to get things done. And the more unhealthy stuff is just soooo much easier to eat by the PC than a helathy meal. *g* (I have to admit, I never eat while writing or at my laptop in general)

Precie said...


Nina--Julia Cameron also wrote "The Artist's Way," which emphasizes all forms of creativity but most especially creative writing. In TAW, those morning pages she mentions in this article are a more general way to make creative writing habitual and to start your creative thinking early in the morning. The article doesn't address novel writing, but I suspect Cameron would apply what she says in the article to novel writing. After all, if you're writing non-stop, your hands are too busy for you to eat. :)

I could see not eating while I write...but I at least need to have a warm cup of something next to me.

Perhaps I'll try Cameron's writing diet this year so I can conceivably accomplish two goals at the same time! :)