Friday, January 11, 2008


My time until deadline is dwindling, and my reserves are flagging as I've been hitting this so hard for almost three weeks now (thought it would be a few days at most) so I am once again descending into a self-imposed blackout.  I'll likely keep blogging, though I make no promises.  But I probably won't respond to comments or e-mails until later.
I'm also gonna hold off on commenting on the rest of the January X's.  And those of you waiting on my Scrabulous moves, it might be a few days.  *g*
After most of yesterday spent researching and brainstorming, I finally have a clear plan for my current sticking point.  Unfortunately that involves completely ditching and rewriting all of Chapter 23 and the first part of 24.  (Also the last bit of 22, but I did that last night.)  I'm going to *try* to get that done today.  Then 27 still needs about 1500-2K on it, and into Act IV where there is a lot of stuff to cut and replace.
My wordcount will likely start to fluctuate as I add and cut stuff.  Who knows where it will end up?
I can't spend all day tomorrow working as I have the past few weekends, and Sunday we have a family thing out-of-town.  But Little Boy will be going to Granny's house from there, and not coming back until Tuesday afternoon.  DH is working on a term paper for school ( Ph.D. level, so pretty intensive).  Therefore Sunday night and likely all of Monday afternoon/evening will be focused on writing.
See you on the other side!

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