Saturday, January 05, 2008

Weekend marathon, take 2

Almost 12 hours since I got up this morning, and I'm over 2K to the good and completely done up through chapter 20.

Current wordcount: 99,755. 260 pages of contiguous MS.

The holes in chapters 18, 19, and 20 have been filled. I'm breaking now to go see my husband and son, do some shopping, have dinner, and put the son to bed. Then, back to it.

I'd like to finish chapter 21, which is Glencoe itself and now mostly written, tonight. Chapter 22 as well, if I can swing it. But that's a tall order. I have quite a bit of new stuff to be written for that chapter.

From there, it's (optimistically) downhill. More knitting together and smoothing. I'll likely be a heathen again tomorrow and skip church. Hopefully the last time I'll need to.


NBB said...

Don't write too much, I want to win ;)

No, just joking :)

Congrats on the progress!

And, does Zokutou work again (it doesn't for me) or did you just find out how to move the bar-thingy along too?

Jenny said...

Well, FWIW, some old scenes in act IV are going to be cut, so that will set the wordcount back a bit. *w*

And I just fiddled with the HTML until the meter looked right.