Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 days and...

Apparently, I am more dependent on my writing time at work than I realized.  Only 571 words tonight, going at it hammer-and-tongs since the baby went to sleep.  I needed 1300.  SO that leaves me 2K to get tomorrow. 

I mean, I *could* try to stay up for another hour or two and pound them out.  But I feel the tiredness creeping in, and that usually means my writing slows down.  And then I'd be exhausted tomorrow, too, and slower on output.  So as long as I get myself on to bed, I think I can push for the 2K later.

I'm in the middle of a scene that should be easy enough to finish tomorrow.  And I'm hot on the trail of my mystery soldier.  I think once I know who he is, a lot of other scenes will click.

Oh, and Book 2, which I have been largely ignoring save for jotting down a general plot brainstorm and one scene, already has a title.  I think it's going to be One Highland Wife.  (Assuming this one stays One Highland Night, which I am growing rather attached to.)

I think my stuff should be up on Evil Editor tomorrow.  I'll post links here once they are up.  Feel free to leave positive comments over there, if the Minions are being too brutal.  *w*

Oidhche mhath.


deniz said...

when you show up at work after 4-6 hours of sleep, do people make cracks about how tired you look? I didn't realise my staying up late to write was going to be notcieable by *everybody*!

Precie said...

Aw, deniz. I know, in my particular case, people don't make cracks about how tired I look because they're too busy hiding from me. Sleep deprivation makes me mean and cranky.

Hope you get a second wind!