Thursday, August 23, 2007

And we're live!

So...what do you guys think?

Still tweaking it, and little things will change over the next few days, but I was pleased enough to make the switch.

Those of you with books out or coming out (*cough* like Carol *coughcough*) let me know and I'll add a link in to my sidebar.

Oh, and what font are you guys seeing my blog title in? It's supposed to be Blackadder ITC, but on some computers it won't show up (usually if they just don't have the font installed, but I do on my laptop and it still doesn't work). It's not mucking with the formatting, is it?


Carol A. Spradling said...

WOW! Jenny,

I love it. This looks wonderful.

And, yes. As soon as I get the cover art, I will forward it to you.

This is really nice. Wanna do mine? (s)

Precie said...

I like this! I like it better than the test version with the image behind all the text.

FYI--On my screen, the word "Thing" in the title bar bleeds down below the image and gets cut off.

And thanks for linking to my blog...I think you're the first. :)

NBB said...

Dear Jenny,

I really should have gone to bed by now (early I know) but I couldn't resist one last peek. And look what I found! The new layout! Love it. :) Oh the beautiful, beautiful pictures...

I have no idea how the font is supposed to look like but what I see is the default one I think. At least no wonky formatting as far as I can see.
But what Precie said about "Write Thing" blending in with the green background.

Precie: Maybe first, but not last. Added you to my bloglist as well some days ago :)


Jenny said...

Carol - Thanks! I sent you an e-mail.

Precie - Thanks to you too! And thanks for the input. I'll scale back the font size a bit. You're probably not seeing the font I want to use. If it was all scripty and old-fashioned, it was working, but I'm guessing you see a more block-like font. Hmmm...

Also happy to link - returning the favor. *g*

Jenny said...

Nina -

We're on at the same time, hehe. I'm gonna try to fix that bleedover. The font is supposed to be really neat, but only shows up on computers that have it. It's a work in progress. *g*

NBB said...

Dear Jenny,

nothing like a WIP. :)

It's a good thing I haven't gone to bed then so we finally *meet* ;)

Jenny said...

Okay, guys, I scaled back the fontsize in the header. Hopefully that helps.

Nina - Heehee. If you're awake at 9 pm Eastern time (GMT -5) tomorrow night, quite a few of us meet in the forum chat room.

NBB said...

That would be 3 in the morning for me... I'll think about it :)

Jenny said...

Nina -

Heehee. I have a little "world clock" thing on my Google homepage now so I can see when yours and Claire's and Rachel's times all are. Ah, well. If you ever can't sleep... *g*