Wednesday, August 01, 2007

River rescue

Only 1000 words tonight, but I'm okay with that. I've already set my mind to just make up any July deficit in August. Really, if I keep on averaging 1000 words a night I won't complain. *g*

Tonight I didn't finish the new chapter 7 like I planned. Instead I jumped ahead a bit (just a bit) and had Elspeth rescue Alec's bratty little sister Iseabail from drowning in the river following a week of heavy rain. Even knowing she's from the future, Alec was a little - okay, a lot - freaked out by Elspeth seemingly breathing life back into his sister. Now I have to decide how far to carry that unease and how I can get Elspeth to explain CPR to him so he understands and neither fears nor reveres her.

Heh. "Fears nor reveres." I guess I rhyme late at night.

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Carol said...

If I was able to crank out 1000 words in a short amount of time, I'd be singing Hallelujah! You're doing great.

Yeah, it would be strange to see what people's reactions would be to things that we take as everyday occurances. Lot's of material for you to work with. This will be a great scene.