Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More on Fergus

...is coming. I promise. A few more pictures, a video if I can get it to work, and a recap of the experience are in the works.

But I'm overloaded at work and so far behind on my writing (midmonth is tomorrow! yeesh!) it's not funny.

I did get 500 words at work this morning, though. Bonus. Looks like I'm returning to chunking for a bit.


NBB said...

There are worse things than chunking. Just ask the writer who does nothing else. :)

Although I'm not anywhere near as progressed with my story than you are...


Jenny said...

Hey, I was only a few K in once upon a time. And I started off chunking. Then switched to (mostly) linear once I had an outline. Now I'm stuck in the linear part of the story, so it's back to the chunks. I'm okay with it. *g*