Sunday, August 05, 2007

Changing it up

Today I started my new routine. I figured it was the best chance, since I spent most of Friday asleep after my oral surgery (for the record: dry sockets = bad) and got a lot of sleep on Saturday, too, for the same reason. So I set my alarm for 4:30 am - optimistic, I know - and ultimately rolled out of bed around 6. Heehee.

But. I did get a solid 2 hours of quiet, focused time to write. It was slow going, since I'm just trying to tie up the loose threads and get to the end in the new chapter 7. I only got about 300 words, but I'm okay with that.

I'm going to set the alarm for 4:30 again and try to be out of bed tomorrow morning by 5. Ultimately, I hope to be up by 4 am each morning, dressed and off to work by 5, which should give me about 3 hours to write (what I've been getting on the best nights: 9-midnight if I'm lucky) in my office before "clocking in" at 8. I'll give myself this week to ease into it. For all that I'm caught up on sleep, it's still a big shift in my circadian rhythm.

It's odd, because now that the baby's down I feel like I should be settling in to write, but instead I'm for bed. Oh, well. I'll get used to it...and if not I'll revert. *g*

Lastly - Fergus is this weekend! We're leaving at o-dark-thirty Friday morning and hoping to get half the drive in before Baby Boy wakes up. Then it'll be stop-and-go from there. Back late Sunday night. My brother is house/dog sitting while we're gone. This should be the last big trip of the year for me. Unless Jeopardy! calls. *crosses fingers*

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