Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I didn't get anything written at work today.  Not as much free time, and also too tired (on the day after I actually got enough sleep, go figure).  But I was also lacking in direction, as the 20+ pages of continous narrative I've been working on kinda petered out, and I'm not "seeing" the rest of that plot clearly just yet. 
FTR, that's now my biggest "chunk" yet at just over 5200 words, supplanting the former recordholder, "Scene Zero" - the handfasting - which is about 4700.  Not counting chapters 1-6, which are contiguous but split into discreet units of ~3500 words each.
Another thing I've not been "seeing" clearly that I needed to come to grips with was the presence and involvement of English soldiers in the barracks at Kilchurn.  Breadalbane had the barracks built specifically to house an English garrison, but Ft. William stole most of his thunder.  However, troops were stationed there from time to time.
I have had fleeting glimpses of soldiers involved in the goings-on at Kilchurn, and I think figuring out who they are/what they're up to will help me knit together a lot of the remaining chunks.  It will un-stall my progress in chapters 7-8, for one, and I'll be rolling along consolidating several other big chunks of story that will comprise pretty much the entire first half of the book.  Exciting!
So, to that end, I've been on a nice wikijag through articles about the British military and its organization, most of the articles modern but containing some fun tidbits thrown in from the seventeenth century.  I have a very strong feeling that a fairly important secondary character (a Lieutenant, whether over his own platoon or SIC of an entire company) is lurking just out of sight, and if I can drag him into the light and find out who he is it will go a long way in helping me finish this thing.

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