Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finally, some progress.

Not too shabby. I hadn't updated my counter in a while, so that's the first thing I did tonight. With the 650 from work last Thursday and the 500 from this morning, I was sitting right at 63.5K when I started actually writing around 10 pm.

Apparently, chunking's the way to go right now. I managed another 15oo to break 65K. That's 2K alone today. Woot!

(We just won't talk about the fact that 65K was my July goal, and tomorrow's midmonth check-in for August. I'll need to average 1000 words a day for the next 2 weeks to catch up and be at 80K by the end of the month. I'm not ruling it out, though, especially if I can keep managing to to get some wordage at work each day.)

I worked on 3-4 different scenes. One ended up tying into the storyline in the general vicinity of chapters 7-8-9 and led to a neat idea for a scene that's currently simmering, which will immediately precede this bit. Another was fairly close to where I am in the linear progression, too. But the one I wrote this morning was from near the end of the book, and the one I just wrapped up with is on the way to the climax.

Side note: it's always fun to end writing for the day with an expletive. *g* Here's the last paragraph I typed...
Impact on the hard ice knocked the breath from her. She was fairly certain her tailbone was bruised, and her left wrist sent a dagger of pain up her arm when she tried to lever up on it. More concerning were the creaks and groans of the ice around her. She’d landed near the first crack, and a network of fracture lines was spreading from it, mainly in her direction. The force of her landing must have weakened the ice further. Shit!
Heehee. That also leaves me with a good place to pick up tomorrow.

On that note, oidhche mhath.

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