Monday, August 27, 2007

The Four Mewses

We have four cats. How that came to be is a tale of much woe (if you're my husband). But for me--a certified "cat lady"--it's a way of life. I've come to consider them my "mewses".

Here's a glimpse of my writing space. I write at my laptop on our generally unused dining room table, in a rickety old wooden chair that is not ergonomically designed. But after a year of doing so, it's become my "space" and I think well here. At least, until my neck starts hurting.

When all four cats congregate on the table, for some reason I have an easier time writing. I don't know why. Looks like tonight's going to be a good night.

Clockwise from bottom left: Smokie, Dak, Cali, Shadow


deniz said...

Smokie looks like Frodo (aka Chripy)! Does he make chirping noises too? You can see Frodo on my Facebook site...

Jenny said...

Deniz -

He can chirp, but the "chirpy" designation would have to go to Dak. Cali is the "squeaker". Shadow and Smokie, as the males, naturally have the highest, sweetest voices. *g*