Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday update

I'm turning into Jen Hendren.  I swear that girl is a bad influence...  (Love ya, Jen!)  *g*

I told myself no sleep until I broke 70K.  Well, I did.  For all that it's now almost 4 am, and I have to be up in 3 hours to make it to work.  It's the middle of the week for crying out loud.  This kind of behavior - on my part at least - is usually reserved for weekends at the end of a writing marathon.  *sigh* 

At least tomorrow (today?) will be short - I have a dentist's appointment at 2.  Don't see myself going back to work afterwards.  Maybe I'll find someplace to take a nap...

Wordcount for the day: 1241.  Hard-fought, every last one.

1 comment:

NBB said...

I just wanted to say: It's so strange to read this. You'll be asleep for another one and a half hours and I'm almost on my way to lunch... :)
(Rationally I of course know about time zones *g* but it FEELS strange)

Good luck with the dentist!