Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Old habits

So I broke down.

It came down to the wire, and there was a moment after the baby went to bed when I stood with the Mt. Dew in my hand and debated opening it vs. going to bed. Ultimately, old habits won out and the still-strong writing pull I feel in the evenings, coupled with my frustration at the lack of progress so far, succeeded in getting me to the laptop.

I didn't advance the story, but I did get my August X posted and commented on all the others currently up. I at least feel productive. Even if I'm an hour past my projected bedtime, with stiff shoulders (I really need a better chair) and no wordcount progress.

I'm not giving up on mornings entirely. Just let me get caught up, ideally by midmonth (though that will be a stretch), and I'll give it another go.

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