Tuesday, August 28, 2007

4 more days and counting...

Eh, so much for my "four mewses" theory - tonight has not been as productive as I hoped.  I got so much done at work today (1300 words!), I had visions of knocking out another 1000 words or so tonight and even getting in bed fairly early (which for me is midnight).  As it was, I scraped my way to 500 more for a total of almost 2K.  None too shabby.

And I have broken the mystical 75K at last.  If I can keep this pace up for the rest of the week - 4 more days - and average 1250 a day, I'll squeak by my goal.

My rough plot for act two (Elspeth's kidnapping and aftermath through the prelude to Glencoe), after its brainstorming birth in chat last Friday, passed muster with DH and Claire, and now I'm rolling right along working on it. 

That, I think, was the last piece of the puzzle; once I decided on this course of action things were suddenly looking up and I'm getting jazzed.  I still have a lot to write, but I know everything that entails.  I feel caught up in a current, just barely pulled along at the moment but with the sense it will get stronger.  Returning to the doldrums analogy, I feel the breeze and expect to be three sheets to the wind (not that way!) within a week or two.  Here's hoping!

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deniz said...

Can one simultaneously be in the doldrums and also caught in a kind of Charbydis? I pumped blood from my veins yesterday (or something equally forceful) just trying to get 1200 words, but I still feel like I'm in a sinkhole, drowning, with no towrope. Should I add another analogy to the mix? I've got no pots on the stove and no cookies on sheets - I don't even have sheets! I know where the story's going but the momentum's gone. I could stop and do more research, which would be fun and, one hopes, inspiring, but if I stick to the 1200 words/day goal then I'll be at 60K at the end of the challenge, like I meant to be. So, more bloodletting for me for the next 25 days! (sorry for the ramble!)