Friday, August 17, 2007


This is from the scene I wrote yesterday. The last line is one of those times that Alec just up and said something and I had to write it down. So, a snip:

Her eyes snapped open and every muscle tightened in fear when at last she heard the door scrape open. It had been hours. Futilely, she pulled against the ropes
binding her wrists. They rubbed the raw patches left by multiple previous attempts, and she subsided.

The room was pitch black, and all she could make out was a dim shape moving toward her. Ormelie. She curled into as tight a ball as she could manage with her arms held above her head, squeezing her eyes shut in imitation of sleep.

“Lass.” A hand touched her arm. She exploded from her coiled position, driving both feet like pistons into the man’s midsection. The air left him in a rush, and he stumbled back, clutching his abdomen.

Christ!” Alec wheezed. “If ye dislike me so, just tell me plain. Dinna take it out on me every time I get near you!”


Shaylin said...

HA! That. is. awesome.

deniz said...

that's a great line! poor Alec...

Jenny said...


'Cause by this point, Elspeth has attacked him in the forest when they first meet, practiced her take-downs on him, and a few other assorted martial arts techniques. Mostly accidental or in good fun, but Alec's still taking a lot of abuse from her. *g*