Monday, August 27, 2007

From the SIP (scene-in-progress)

This made me chuckle.  It's farther down in the scene I'm currently working on, a longer bit of which I included in last night's post.
From One Highland Night (c) 2007

"We need to…flush the wound.  I don't know where that dirk has been."


"A dirk was it?  Remind me to ask ye about that later.  Flush it with what?"


"The whisky," she said, wincing in anticipation. 


He grinned unexpectedly.  "Oh, aye, I've heard some men rinse their wounds with the uisgebaugh.  They've got bigger stones than me, though."


"You're not being very encouraging."  She glowered at him and started to pass the whisky.   "On second thought, here—" She knocked back one last searing, fortifying mouthful.  "Use the rest for my arm."


deniz said...

on an unrelated note, it has come to my attention that the web page link I keep providing for myself doesn't seemt o work anymore... I think my sister forgot to pay the domain name bill. I'll need to investigate...

NBB said...

All I can say is "ouch!" :)

But if the water of life doesn't help, nothing won't *g*