Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pressing on

So, just over 1700 words today. Not quite the 2K I was shooting for, but pretty darn good. At least I broke 60K.

I also spent a fair bit of time brainstorming the heck out of several key plot points, and I feel really good about what I came up with. Bonus.

I need to rewrite my synopsis in a major way, but right now I'm going for wordage. I'd love to be at 65K by the end of the week, but whatever I don't get done this week will just get rolled into August's goal. As long as I'm at 80K (!) by the end of this month I'll be happy.


Carol said...

Yea, Jenny! What a great accomplishment. You can sooo meet your new goal.

Jenny said...

Thanks, Carol!

I built up some good momentum last night, so if I can just keep going (and maybe if work stays slow) I might pull it off.

*crosses fingers*

Carol said...

Is your word counter right? If it is and you finish this month, I am going to be soooooo impressed.

Jenny said...

Carol -

If the word counter you're seeing says 60.3K, then yes - it's right.

I'd love to finish this month but I doubt it. I'm betting my final word count will actually end up *over* 100K, but then I'll pare it down in edits.

So I don't see myself doing 40K in a month. But I certainly wouldn't complain if the momentum carried me away. *g*

Carol said...

Well, give it a shot anyway. Do you have some blocks of time coming up? I can't wait until you finish. It will be exciting. Bagging confetti as we speak.