Thursday, August 16, 2007


I managed about 850 words tonight. Not too bad, though my goal was 1000. I'll try to make up the extra 150 tomorrow morning, before things get too hectic at work. I actually managed to clear off my "in" pile before I left today. I've been backlogged since late last week.

I would have tried to stick it out for the last 150 words (I mean, that's only a couple paragraphs), but I can tell I've reached the point of diminishing returns and I might as well get sleep. I'm very tired, and I need to stay fresh if I'm going to pull this 15K-in-15-days thing off.

And, distressingly, the website that hosts the wordcounter seems to be down. So I'll update it whenever it's working again. For the record, my current wordcount stands at 65,864.

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NBB said...

Dear Jenny,

I noticed, too, that the "zokutou word meter" site is on again, off again.

I had the same problem and one day later it was there again. So perhaps you want to try later.

And yai! for 850 words :)