Friday, August 24, 2007

For Good or Ill...

I was going to wait until I finished the first draft for this, but Evil Editor posted a petition (yay, alliteration! heehee) for both openings and queries.  So -gulp- I sent him both.
At least I have a title to go on them now.
We'll see what the minions have to say.  I'll post links when they go up.


Precie said...

LOL! I saw his call for submissions this morning. I wasn't going to bite, but you've set an example for me. I just recently started a whole new WIP it went to EE. :)

Precie said...

OMG. Did you see the comments for EE's petition? He's agreed to comment on the openings himself. Yowza.

Precie said...

And...I swear this is my last comment to you today...already my opening is to yours. YowzaX2.

Jenny said...

Precie -

Yeah, I saw that he was going to comment. That's what sealed the deal for me!

150 words seems awful short when you pull it out by itself. But as it turns out, it was a good breaking point.

Is yours the "Spider" one?

Good luck!

Precie said...

Yup, I'm Spider. It's going to be historical literary fiction. I think. Fortunately, it's totally new and won't break my heart when the minions rip it.

Good luck to you too! I'm confident Elspeth ;) will fare better than she did last time!