Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Follow-up: I've spent all afternoon completely unmotivated, bummed that I'm 2-3K behind where I wanted to be today (I'm actually right at 62K, but haven't updated the counter), and wishing I could just go home and write tonight.

Some habits are hard to break.

I know I said - just this morning - that I would give myself time to adjust before giving up. It does have promise. But feeling overwhelmed and pressured isn't the best way to "ease" into a new situation. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't just get caught up with writing first, then take a weekend to catch up on sleep, and start the new routine then, when I have a cushion. Starting out in the hole never bodes well.

OTOH, I'm loving actually being at work on time for a change. And the early morning drive is great - cool weather, no traffic. Too bad I can't stay up till midnight and get up at 5.

Gah. If I give in to my urges and write tonight, I'll feel better about my progress. But there's no way I'll be able to actually get up at 4 - even with a different alarm - if I do so.

Decisions, decisions...

P.S. And I just saw that the August X was up, and that's another thing I need to find time to do, but I'm so behind. I feel like the White Rabbit. *sigh*

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