Friday, August 31, 2007

One day...

And what a day it will have to be.

Another lackluster day.  Only 500 words, leaving me 2800 to get before month's end.  Which is one day.  Mind, my current record is only 2600, and that was for an "inspired" scene I pounded out in 4 hours.  Looks like an all-nighter for me tomorrow.  At least I'm taking the weekend off.

Today was torpedoed by my orthodontist appointment this morning (verdict: yes, I need braces, and yes, it's going to cost a crapton of money) followed by a meeting as soon as I got to work, followed by lunch.  By this afternoon, all sense of motivation was shot.  And then, despite my best intentions, I got drawn into chatting this evening (you know who you are, culprits! *g*).  But in my defense, the scene I'm working on is delicate and slow. So I did work for over 2 hours, it just wasn't a lot of wordage.

Anyway, to bed with me.


NBB said...

Perhaps we can squeeze a day or two into August for you. Would that help? ;)


Jenny said...

Nina -

Sure! Only, it's been done before, and now I think February won't let go of its days so easily... *w*

Brooke said...

Woo HOO, I totally stole your idea. It seems to be working for you, so, hey, why not. IT IS TOTALLY A FREE COUNTRY.

Brooke's Bloody Bonkers Book is the name.

Now I will spam you with comments all the time! HUZZAH!

Jenny said...

Brooke -

AHAHA! So good to see you 'round here! Good luck with yours!

NBB said...

Dear Jenny,

well, there are still all the other months with 31 days. February is safe ;)