Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fergus: Saturday

Diana's morning lecture.

Dude in a kilt. A real kilt!

Me with the kilted dude. Who happens to be Hugh Robertson, a real Scottish historical reenactor.
Lunch: 2 meat pies and, yes, haggis.

Sheep shearing.

How to spin with a drop spindle.

Spinning and weaving display in the heritage tent.

Highland dancing competitors.


Forumites unite!

At dinner.


Jen said...


*jealous...SOOOO jealous*



NBB said...

Dear Jenny,

very cool pics. :)

I believe we own the same Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt (brown one with gold print? Mine's from London) ;)

deniz said...

Hi Jenny!
Photos coming soon, I promise!

ERiCA said...

Great photos--looks like a blast! =)

Jenny said...

Jen - Wish you could have come. Men in kilts! There's always next year...

Nina - Yup. Mine's from Denver. London's a bit cooler, tho. *g*

Deniz - Thanks for the pics! I've got those and a few more to post. BTW - I made DH try poutine at Harvey's and he was very impressed. 2 new converts! *g*

Erica - It was a lot of fun. Thanks for dropping by!