Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My opening has disappeared from the "waiting" should go up on EE's blog soon.  He promised to actually comment on the new openings himself.  I don't want to be trashed, but at the same time I'm not 100% satisfied with it and I am looking for some comments/ideas.
I guess we'll see how I feel once the Minions get ahold of it.  *g*


Anonymous said...

I was just coming over to tell you!
Good luck!

Jenny said...

Tricia -


Yes, and now my query's up next, too. I guess he's going to run them next to each other...

*takes fortifying breath*

Precie said...

Where the heck is your opening?? It's been off the list all morning! Heck, I'm antsy for you!

Jenny said...

Precie -

I'm going on the assumption that he has it ready to go, but he's spreading out what he's got. Both to let each one get enough attention, and to stretch his (still low) reserves.

It and/or my query will probably show up within the next day.