Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Day 2 of the new routine (3 if you count Sunday), and it could be going better. Yes, my computer screen is bigger, my desk chair is more comfortable, and I do have a nice quiet office space to work in. But.

I haven't been getting up or getting here as early as I'd like, and consequently I don't have as much time to write. Only about 1 hour instead of the 2-3 I'd been averaging at home. I'm just getting "in the groove" when I have to switch gears and head down for the morning meeting. Consequently, my word counts have bottomed out. Even though I keep my spreadsheet and the current scene file open on my computer all day - with glorious visions of popping in and out all day and racking up word count bit by bit - I never seem to manage to get back to it.

I realize this is a transition period, and once I'm used to getting up early (I may also switch alarms, since I seem to be immune to my clock anymore) I'll have more time and be more productive. Then the momentum from the morning may carry through into extra bits throughout the day. But in the meantime, I'm falling father behind - and I was behind coming into the month.

Also: my intent of spending more time with DH in the evenings isn't panning out. I thought we'd finally go to bed together instead of him kissing me goodnight while I worked on a scene, and then creeping into bed myself hours later. But 9:30-10 is too early for him to be tired. So now our positions are just reversed. *sigh*

But I can't give up after only 2 days. So tomorrow I'll set my cell phone alarm and see if I can't get here earlier. If it doesn't pan out in a week or so, I'll just hit the caffeine again and spend a week or so really pounding to catch up.

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