Thursday, August 16, 2007


I knew I'd not regret staying late to clear off my desk at work last night. Though "late" is relative - I left about 6 pm, which is actually good for me. Monday I worked until 11 pm (seriously! and even though I came in late that was a 12+ hour day) and Tuesday I didn't leave until 7:30. So I guess 6 could almost be considered early.


I said all that to say this: it's been a slow day, and so I had some free time. I just got to a stopping point on a new exciting scene (well, a planned one but one I hadn't given thought to writing yet) that I've been working on here and there all day. Almost 1400 words. Now I've caught up from last night, and done my necessary wordcount for today, and I haven't even gotten home yet. Bonus.

I've been really tired the past couple of days, and I can maintain an intense writing pace better if I stay rested (duh). So I don't know if I'll try to widen my lead - or, close the gap, really - more tonight, or just catch up on the forum and turn in early. At least I have the luxury to choose.

But now I actually have work to do, so I'm going to get to it.

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